Mystery Land 500 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


ZenChalet Mystery Land Puzzle 500

  • Magical Jigsaw Puzzles: Journey to faraway mystical lands as you immerse yourself in our Mystery Land puzzle. Leave behind your day's stresses and indulge in some digital detox as you piece together its beautiful, captivating patterns in rich, vibrant, fade-resistant hues.
  • Challenge And Stimulate: Are you looking for a fun, intellectually stimulating activity? Our Mystery Land puzzle is designed to challenge you as it entertains and inspires. Made up of 500 unique shapes, it includes some cute whimsy pieces thrown in for extra fun and surprises!
  • Sustainable Beauty: Come join us on our quest to care for our planet and for future generations! Each and every ZenChalet puzzle has been made with sustainably sourced wood and built to last so you can feel good every time you dive into your guilt-free pleasure!
  • Unique Wall Art: Continue to enjoy the exquisite artistry of your ZenChalet puzzle long after you've slotted the last piece into place! We include a mounting kit in each box so you can turn your puzzle into beautiful wooden wall art, effortlessly and in a matter of minutes!
  • A Mindful Gift: Give the present of love, peace and mindfulness and treat your loved ones to a beautiful ZenChalet puzzle. The perfect gift for mom or grandparents for Christmas, birthdays and Mother's Day, our puzzles are also a wonderful activity to share as you make special moments together...
  • Good Benefits, Great Value!: Take advantage of our Lifetime Warranty, Free & Fast Shipping, and Free Returns!

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