Fleur de Lis 550 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


ZenChalet Fleur De Lis Puzzle 550

  • 550-PIECE UNIQUE WOODEN PUZZLE: An ultimate treat for symbol lovers and Louisiana patriots, this abstract puzzle comes in a larger finished size of 19.1" x 19.7", unlike other challenging designs on the market. This difficult puzzle has 18 uniquely-shaped small pieces, adding complexity and visual challenge for hours of brainstorming fun. 
  • SKILL BUILDING & PROBLEM-SOLVING: This concentration-demanding brain teaser puzzle is intellectually and creatively daring while stimulating problem-solving and sharp attention development. With a complex mix of shapes and color combinations, this challenging design will put you to the real test, making our unique wooden puzzle a genuine gem.
  • PRECISION-CUT PIECES: A home decoration in the making, our puzzle comes with precision-cut interlocking wooden pieces that snap tightly into place. Easy to lift without falling apart to display as wooden art, adding colors and texture to any home decor: the unusually-shaped puzzle that pairs as a fleur de lis decor to securely display for all to admire. 
  • QUALITY-ARTWORK IN EVERY DETAIL: Made of superior grade quality 5mm thick natural wooden board, to ensure your family puzzle will not bend or splint as the attention-demanding artwork. This unique design includes a wooden box with a 2-piece stand to allow displaying the cover for ease of referencing while serving as appealing gift-ready packaging. 
  • HIGH-DEFINITION-PRINTED QUALITY: Utilizing the latest advanced UV printing techniques with non-fading colors to capture the smallest of details, this hard brain teaser is as vibrant and color-sharp as wood puzzles get. Closely reflecting the breathtaking beauty of intertwining shapes in rich colors, each wood piece of this art design boasts crisp print quality to satisfy all puzzling fans.
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